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Fantastic companies are Recognizing their staff. Is yours?

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Over 2,000 companies are on Recognize. Get the Employee Recognition Starter Kit PDF.
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"Enterprise Social is changing the way we interact with our customers and within our companies. RecognizeApp and its Yammer integration is an answer to this challenge."

"As far as Enterprise recognition apps go ­Recognize is one of the best designed. It is simple and effective, we love it."

Explore your company's best work

Watch employee recognition occur on the Stream Page.

Send recognition to multiple recipients.
Browse by latest or most validated recognitions.

Recognize Anyone

Publicly endorse a client or a colleague.

  • Helps in new business development.
  • Showcases your professional network's best work.
  • Promotes client and colleague relationships.

Track success

The reports show popular badges, top scored teams and employees.

Celebrate Greatness

Choose from 25 different badges to attach to your recognition.

Secure, Social, & Integrated

Share on social networks.

Validate recognitions.

Set recognitions as public or private.

Fully integrated with Yammer.

Invite anyone to Recognize.
Elevates reputation, helps automate performance reviews, and motivates employees.

Promote Employee Recognition

Start standardized employee endorsement and recognition for your organization.


Worldwide Employee Recognition

"With this app, we can express our appreciation to each other and spread the joy."

-- Delta Air Lines GSA - Ghana, Africa