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Motivating the Workplace

An employee recognition & rewards platform Human Resources love.

  • Anniversaries, birthdays, social/private recognitions, nominations
  • 100+ gift cards & company rewards management
  • Seamless integrations
  • Painless user sync
  • Continuous platform updates
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Turn on a better company culture

  • 96%
    Employees say they feel more connected to their employer
  • 84%
    Employees say Recognize reenforces company values
  • 90%
    Employees say they'll stay longer with their employer
  • Jay Friedman, COO avatar
    “We can reinforce our core values and behaviors, and even use custom badges to set goals for people.”
    Jay Friedman, COO
    Goodway Group
  • Bruce Rioch, Head of Business Intelligence avatar
    “With Recognize, we were able to create our own badges that linked with our behavioral framework.”
    Bruce Rioch, Head of Business Intelligence
    Metro Bank

1 click, 1 minute to recognition

Turnkey for Outlook, SSO, Slack, & Office 365.

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Working with awesome brands

Companies around the globe use Recognize for social employee recognition, manager-to-employee recognition, rewards, and anniversaries.

Stats & best practices
Kaiser Permanente

Medical Centers & Hospitals

In the high stress world of hospitals and clinics, Recognize is deployed to lighten the mood and strengthen morale. Further, to promote safety and increase customer service. The kiosk mode is very popular with medical groups because staff can see the recognitions as they walk the halls.



Banks love the fact they can promote great customer service. Banks are using it to gather people analytics each month to promote individuals who do great work across categories.

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Government or Non-Profits

Non-profits and government agencies use recognize to let their staff know they are appreciated. Recognize enables any organization promote what is important to them, because Recognize is a platform to be shaped to your company. Non-profits and educational institutes, ask about the discount!

Campbell's Soup

Large Corporations

Not all R&R programs require rewards. Simple non-monetary thanks, fist bump, high five are sometimes all it takes. Plus, Recognize can serve any organization no matter the size or department.


International Finance

Finance is long hours and often tedious tasks. They deserve recognition for attention to detail and successful quarters. For international offices, companies are utilizing the company-fulfilled rewards to provide a special thanks for employees no matter where they are.

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Universities are big on employee recognition and awards, but typically more on the traditional side of recognition. University of Sydney is more forward thinking and uses Recognize for weekly endorsements.

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Let's face it, insurance has high turnover. Not true for innovative companies like WEA Trust. They have a buzzing company culture thanks to programs like Recognize.

Visions Credit Union

Credit Unions

Credit unions are using Recognize to promote fraud detection amongst its staff. Instant notification always feels great for doing good work. Plus, leaders can discover who was the top fraud detector across time period and branches.

Corvallis Clinic

Medical Clinics

Much like hospitals, clinics need to find ways to connect with its peers and strengthen morale through stressful periods.

Super-charged employee recognition and rewards platform integrated into Office 365, Slack, & more.

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Employee rewards

We offer many types of rewards. Staff can redeem with points at no additional cost. We recommend experiential employee rewards, such as a parking spot, a conference, a half day off, rental of a fancy car, or a pizza party with their team. When employee rewards really show the company cares, you will retain and engage staff.

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Manager & peer-to-peer employee recognition

Recognize makes it easy to send and receive official positive feedback for both managers and peers. Create recognition badges only certain people, such as managers or executives, can send to staff. Managers and peers can send employee recognition from the Recognize Chrome extension, Yammer, email, Sharepoint, mobile, Slack, and on any web browser.

Yammer + Sharepoint for staff recognition and awards

Recognize is the R&R program for Office 365. You can use the entire Recognize platform inside Sharepoint or inside Yammer. Use Recognize's employee engagement strategy within your workflow.

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Office 365 sign in to Recognize

If your company has Office 365 accounts for your staff, they can login to Recognize automatically. This is true for Office 365, Yammer, Google Apps, and Slack.

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Employee recognition for Slack

Staff can send and receive official employee recognition from Slack. Users do not need to login to start using it. Just have the admin install it as a bot for your company's Slack account.

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Outlook employee recognition

Send recognition where everyone already works: Outlook. View your company's recognitions, redeem rewards, and see your profile all within Outlook 2013 and newer.

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Customize employee recognition badges & points

Create a personalized gamification strategy with badges, leaderboards, points, and more. You can use one of 30 well-designed badges and change the characteristics of those employee recognition badges. You can also upload your own badges in just a couple of clicks. You can change the points associated with a badge or choose who can send a badge.

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Employee recognition user management

Recognize supports the popular Azure Active Directory, Yammer sync, and SAML for single sign on for your staff. This is the way to manage users in your company. Recognize can import user spreadsheet, Yammer user data, Slack user data, and Office 365 user data.

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Staff leaderboards

Customize the leaderboards to focus on the user, teams, or overall throughout your company. The staff leaderboards include filtering by badge or by time.

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Employee award certificates

When a recognition is created, you can print off an employee award certificate that represents that recognition. Certificates can be customized.

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Employee recognition mobile apps

Recognize provides mobile-ready employee recognition. Staff and recognition admins can login to the mobile website or soon Android, Windows Phone, and iPhone employee recognition apps.

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Text message employee recognition

Staff can receive recognition through SMS text message. We help companies set up text message recognition for your entire staff. Your employees won't need to be an existing user.

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Hall of Fame

Only Recognize offers a visual representation of the top employees across badges or teams. View top employees in any time dimension. Companies signed up for Recognize can enable this feature in their admin settings.

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Employee engagement strategy

Build stronger, happier staff through monthly check-in meetings with Recognize team members. When you sign up for Recognize you also get world-class strategy meetings on a monthly basis.

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