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  • Bruce Rioch, Head of Business Intelligence avatar
    “With Recognize, we were able to create our own badges that linked with our behavioral framework.”
    Bruce Rioch, Head of Business Intelligence, Metro Bank
  • Juli Pettijohn, Marketing Editor avatar
    “It’s been a great tool for us to decide the winner of our top employee of the month contest.”
    Juli Pettijohn, Marketing Editor, Goodway Group
  • Leonardo Nogueira, CEO avatar
    “At our annual celebration we prized our employees based on the recognizeapp ranking.”
    Leonardo Nogueira, CEO, Prosperi
  • Tessa Hammond, Director of Clinical Operations avatar
    “It has definitely helped focus and motivate our teams active in Recognize.”
    Tessa Hammond, Director of Clinical Operations, American Medical Technologies


Build your own rewards catalog your staff can redeem with points at no additional cost.

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Customize badges & points

Create a personalized gamification strategy with badges, leaderboards, points, and more.

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Yammer + Sharepoint

Recognize is the R&R program for Office365. Use Recognize within your workflow.

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Pilot Recognize

Recognize has settings for large companies seeking small-group pilots. Get started for free.

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