Recognize Engagement

Recognize's unique strategy is focused on well-designed interfaces, on Yammer integration, and on a variety of metrics.

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Focused on people

Recognize stats show the current user no matter where they are in the ranking. All the stats update in real-time.

Filter by group or recognition badge to discover top staff.

Status, not stuff

Each month, quarter, and year top staff and groups are celebrated for their accomplishments. We give the reporting to discover your staff and provide thought leadership on how to thank them.

Monthly winners is based on the different badges

Yammer integrated

It is no secret Recognize has the best integration into Yammer. That's why users in Yammer send 8x more recognition via Recognize.

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Recognize in Yammer

Click thanks

Stream page shows staff and by simply pressing their avatar they are recognized. The recognition can then be edited.

A series of avatars

Automate showcasing your staff's successes

Recognitions update every five minutes. Setup on a mounted television in the lobby or the breakroom. The kiosk mode increases discussion of recognitions in real-life; in turn, helping staff stay focused on company values.

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Kiosk mode of all the company's recognitions.
Email example showing noted recognitions and last week badges

Email campaigns

Recognize can send daily, weekly, and monthly email updates. The emails include top recognitions, achievements, leaderboards, and top badges for the email time period.